Inktober Day 3! | Victorian Witch


Inktober Day 2!

Urban/City Witch. (also posted on Instagram) Materials used: - Pilot G-tec C4 black ink- Sharpie - White gel pen - Red copic marker

Painting and life

Title: Shadow Children Mediums Used: Watercolours & Acrylic Lemme share the first completed painting of the year!! YAY.  So I've been in an awful depressing no-good art slump and its been ages since i finished any painting to any degree and i gotta say this was a pleasant surprise.  I've steadily tried drawing more consistently... Continue Reading →

shoddy blogger

so i haven't been on here in about a year... or over a year... I'm awful at these things. But i'm here again, watching my sister play splatoon as i'm typing this. I'm disgustingly behind on my Korean studies, they've basically been on the back burner since i moved here to B.C. -YAY for failure!-... Continue Reading →

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