A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb | Book Review


                                                                     4.5 Stars

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by SocialBookCo for review but all opinions stated are my own.

(The SocialBookCo is a website that compares prices of books from different websites all in one place. They also have a book review programme where you list 5 books you would like to read and they choose which one they send you and you review it once you’re done.)

So this book was actually really sweet. I’ve had this on my TBR for years and for some reason I thought it was in the more creepy/thriller genre but then I re-read the synopsis for this book and realized that it doesn’t sound like that at all and I’m not sure why I had that particular thought about it…but anyway, either way, I went into this book not knowing anything, I’ve never actually seen it on booktube or anything BUT OMG LET ME TELL YOU.

It was a wonderful surprise.

The book is basically about a ghost named Helen who’s been a ghost for about 130 years. She tethers herself to people (so like she haunts them) because otherwise the alternative is being stuck feeling like she’s drowning and freezing and the pain is almost indescribable, so naturally, not wanting to go through that again, she has to stay tethered to a “host” and can’t actually be too far away from them. One day she notices a boy in a senior English class staring at her, and realizes that he can actually see her. When they finally get together to talk, she learns that it’s actually a fellow ghost, named James, who is currently possessing the body of a boy named Billy. And that that’s why he is able to see her. Together they learn more things about themselves and each other and how it exactly it kind of works to be a ghost and the unspoken (or untaught) rules of things. And the story goes to explore their time together when James encourages Helen to possess the body of young girl named Jenny.

This book is very unique in the sense that I’ve actually never read a ghost story played out this way. The concept is unique and interesting and surprisingly satisfying. The story had an interesting concept of how they were able to posses the bodies, and that was only if the person “sounded empty/hollow” (I took it to mean that that person had reached the lowest point in their life emotionally and psychology that their spirit “left” the body so the body is left on autopilot doing routine things with no real emotion and thought. Which then leaves that body vulnerable for possession from ghosts and more malevolent things. There was a part in the story where Helen was following a woman who “sounded empty” and as she follows the woman into the washroom Helen tries to slide into her body but realizes too late that there was something evil already inhabiting the body, which has the strength to throw her out of the washroom.

I also really enjoyed the love story in here, I do admit it was a little “insta-lovey” – which is something I’m never fond of – and I wish they had developed their relationship a little more slowly but since I really like both Helen and James as characters and the love story wasn’t really the total focus of the story, I didn’t find I minded as much. Their story was very sweet and I found myself really wanting to know what their backstory was as well as the story and lives of the hosts they’d come to possess.

The ending was super satisfying because all loose ends were tied and it didn’t feel rushed or lazy. Everything connected and flowed really nicely and I have to say that I really enjoyed the writing style of this book. For the story it was trying to convey, the style matched it perfectly, the image and feeling and dialogue were all things that kept me riveted personally and I found Helen’s experience being a ghost fascinating.

I highly recommend this book for those who are interested in a different kind of ghost story (this is not a creepy book at all) and having two ghosts fall in love and accept their pasts.


If this book sounds interesting at all, you can check out the book on the link below through SocialBookCo, and if you purchase the book using the link I do earn a small commission.



Here’s also the Goodreads page for A Certain Slant Of Light:



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