Owlcrate Unboxing! | October 2016


October’s box was super cute! And I’m so excited for the book!! I was going to record an unboxing but honestly, I’ve been sick for the last week and a half and I haven’t been feeling up to filming anything, and I’d already waited 2 days to open this so I just went for it haha

The bracelet (upper left corner) was a lovely surprise and addition to my mini jewelry collection. Inspired by Sleeping Beauty. As always I loved the cards that Owlcrate puts out for their boxes. I got a bookmark pin which I was pretty happy about because I actually don’t have any magnetic bookmarks or pin-like bookmarks so this was an awesome first one!! The OZ passport is a little notebook, very cute and very pretty. The vassa temp tattoo was pretty cool too, have to think of where to put it xP

Also, very glad I didn’t buy Vassa in the Night, was very close to purchasing it 0_0;

oh! and before I forget,


the beanie, inspired by Peter Pan!! Which my wonderfully adorable boyfriend is currently adorning (it really did look good on him). That was quite an exciting addition to the box^o^

That’s it!! Next time, I’ll take better pictures, but I’m currently still feeling pretty lousy and tired =_=”


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