September Wrap-Up! | 2016

So September was a pretty decent reading month for me^^ I pretty much enjoyed most of the books I read except one and that my friends is not terrible at all. Let’s hope October goes just as well for me considering how busy I’ll be…AHAHAHA..-_-‘

Anyway!! On to the show!

Image result for casino royale novel

2/5 stars. Read this to begin and was not impressed. Won’t say a whole lot cause I wrote a review/rant over this. Just wasn’t for me, it was both a mixture of boring and disappointing/disgusting.

Image result for the dark and other love stories

3.5/5 stars. I received this via Netgalley. I really enjoyed this collection of dreamy/whimsical short stories. It was very atmospheric and done with the purpose of making you wonder what’s really real and what’s not. The people are strange but not really, in a way, it’s all about perspective. I think it’s really telling that a lot of the time, I kept feeling like something bad was going to happen to some of the characters in different stories and nothing ever did. And suddenly, I found myself wondering if I was overreacting. It was awesome.

Image result for the hunger games book

        4/5 stars                                       5/5 stars

FINALLY reading these for the first tiiiiiime. Ever. haha. Yepp, late to this party but that’s fine. I really had no intention of reading it cause dystopian isn’t really my thing but my sister and boyfriend had me watch the movies….and yeah, totally enjoyed myself!!! Catching fire is so far my fav but I haven’t read Mockingjay yet so we’ll see. Probably won’t read that one till November cause October is already a busy month!

Image result for a punto de partir

5/5 stars. This was probably favourite books for this month. This lovely graphic travel memoir is done by Fran Meneses, she is a freelance illustrator currently living and working in Hastings, Eng. This story depicts the time in her life when she married her current husband Ed and the trips they took afterward that would determine whether they moved to Berlin where Ed could study (He’s a writer/dramatist). It’s a wonderful, funny and heart warming story cause I could identify with so many things Fran was going through. Her illustrations are ACE, I love them so much. Here is a link to her blog and her youtube channel.

Image result for deadlight jack

3/5 stars. Received this via Netgalley. This was a pretty entertaining read overall! There is quite a bit of folklore involved, most of which I’m not really familiar with so unfortunately I feel like there were a lot of references I didn’t get and couldn’t appreciate. I really enjoyed the concept of the story for the most part and was quite intrigued with Professor Foxfire’s character and what he was.

Here’s the synopsis for the story:

Appearances can be deceiving. Take Jimmy Kalmaku. Anyone passing him on the streets of Lake Nisqually, Washington, would merely see an elderly man. But Jimmy is actually a powerful Tlingit shaman, with a link to the god Raven and a résumé that includes saving the world.
Or take his friend and roommate, George Watters. Another ordinary retiree, right? Wrong. Like Jimmy, George is more than he seems to be. He too has a link to the supernatural. He too has saved the world.
Then there’s Professor Foxfire—also known as Deadlight Jack. Dressed in the garb of a stage magician, he seems a figure of magic and fun. But he isn’t fun at all. He isn’t even human. And his magic is of the darkest and bloodiest kind.
When George’s grandson vanishes on a family vacation to the Louisiana bayou, George and Jimmy fly across the country to aid in the search. Once they arrive, family feuds and buried secrets bring George face-to-face with the ghosts of a forgotten past; Jimmy finds his powers wilting under the humid Southern sun; and deep in the swamp, Deadlight Jack prepares his long-awaited revenge.

The other 2 stories I read were short stories, The Lottery by Shirley Jackson & The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin for an online English class I’m currently upgrading.

And that’s my month!!!! Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I try not give myself more than 6-7 books a month because I’m a bit of a slow reader and sometimes I run into moments where I’m feeling too distracted to read so I find myself re-reading a page like 3 times before I call it quits haha.

Anyhoo, until next time!! What’d you guys read??


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