Casino Royale by Ian Flemming | Review,204,203,200_.jpg

Rating: 2.5/5 stars


Except it wasn’t all that great (-_-“) Man oh man was I in for a bit of a surprise. Let me start by saying I LOVE the James Bond movies, and Casino Royale is one of my all time favourites because LET ME TELL YOU ITS NOTHING LIKE THE BOOK. I mean it is, obviously, but at the same time it really wasn’t.

First of all, Eva Green who plays as Vesper in the movie really brings that girl to LIFE. She’s a fighter, she’s snarky and mysterious and isn’t easily swayed. In the book? She’s fearful and portrayed as weak and feeble minded, as well as a little too flat. And Bond? yeah, I don’t think I like book Bond. He’s sexist and crude and is constantly making references to rape as if it is something pleasurable to him. It was, to say the least, quite disturbing. His inner monologue is the worst. Women were referred to as beasts, wretches, bitch, fools, idiots etc. Yeah.. not impressed. At all.

And it didn’t help that the book gave a detailed accounts of the gambling and how its played and blah blah blah, sorry that was boring for me.

It’s really just unfortunate because I’ve had this book for ages and finally excitedly picked it up wondering how similar to the movie it was going to be and expecting soooo much from it.

The only reason I gave it 2.5  and not 1 star was because the scene where they’re kidnapped by Le Chiffre was actually pretty interesting and it was like watching the movie again – minus Bond’s inner monologue – and Le Chiffre’s villainous speech was ace.

And don’t even get me started on his relationship with Vesper towards the end because that was a catastrophe. I don’t even know where to start? How out of character it was? How her “love” for him came out left field? Cause we really hardly get to know her at all throughout the book. How useless he was during their romantic ‘getaway’? MAYBE THE ENTIRE ENDING?! That whole thing just ticked me. I prefer the movie ending WAY more.

Alas, I may or may not pick up another Bond book just to see if it’s any different in the way it’s written. But I’m not being particularly hopeful.


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