September TBR | 2016

Sept TBR

I’ve decided to re-post this as an actual blog post rather than a video post, simply because I think I’m going to keep my youtube vids separate from my blog as I may or may not make quite the changes in content concerning my youtube channel sometime in the future^.^~ (plus i feel like I’m being lazy by posting vids on here haha)
SO!! On to what I’ll be reading for the month of Septeembeeerrr

About a woman going through a divorce and learning in different – and sometimes hilarious ways- how to cope and grow and learn a thing or two about yourself. *I actually just finished reading this so I’ll put up a review for it soon*

Can you believe I’ve never read a James Bond book and I absolutely adore the movies?!?! I figured the insanity needed to end asap – plus I’ve had this book forever – that i need to start^0^~ *also casino royale is one of my fav movies cause Eva Green is ACE…*

An intellectual guy who seemingly doesn’t understand people as a whole and is trying to narrow down partners by making a list of traits and necessities? (kinda what i understood from the synopsis) A girl who gets him to help her find her biological father? And perhaps they fall in love in the journey?….I don’t mind this trope sometimes depending how its done. Overall this just sounds like it could be really funny and I’m genuinely looking forward to it.

Aaaaaand last but not least, the dystopian to mark all dystopians – so it seems anyway – I will finally be reading this…….because I’ve never read the series :’) The reason? Dystopian isn’t really my thing I’m afraid. BUT! I’ve been watching the movies with my family for the first time and really actually enjoyed them – plus my boyfriend and my sister keep raving about the books and how much better they are – that i finally caved because i am now curious to how they differ from the movies. (reviews and rants to come)

So thats my month it seems!! Whats new with you? Any good books to be read?

Happy beginnings of autumn!


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