Open House by Elizabeth Berg | Review


2.5/5 stars

Okay! So this book is about a woman coming to terms with her divorce and discovering things about herself in the process.

This turned out to be a rather charming book for me. When i started reading it, i honestly almost put it down because the first couple of pages i was all like “what is this chick even doing?” and feeling all cringey and almost instantly disappointed because i thought maybe i had ended up misjudging the book and that it was going to be terribly cliched and mind numbing. Well I am happy to report that it wasn’t! I pludged through a couple of pages more and realized, “ooh, okay, i see where we’re going. Well alright, i’ll stick around”

There was nothing too profound or particularly special about this book.Though it was charming nonetheless because our lady Samantha starts by shopping at Tiffanys and buys $12,000 of dishes and a bracelet (which she promptly gives away..) with her soon to be ex husbands money. And I actually found her internal monologues and struggle in this part (and throughout the book) both amusing and relatable. Which is what drew me in because the story basically goes through the motions of a woman in her forties struggling with her self-esteem and being a mother and learning more about herself and her feelings and that there is no manual for these things and nothing really prepares you for these fork in the road scenarios. And Samantha is quirky and charming in her own way and i came to really like and appreciate her. She wasn’t whiny (tho embarrasing sometimes) and she wasn’t portrayed as weak and needy even though she thought she was.

I felt like basically the author was saying, hey, life can be shitty and its okay to react in the strangest of ways because everyone copes a little differently but the universal feeling is wanting to scream and cry at the same time.

The other characters were unique but didn’t have much depth to them which was fine because they were more meant to support Sam along with her struggles as they came and went with the exception of her ex (whom i felt fell really flat and boring) her son, mother and best friend (whom i felt was a little useless in the story and unsupportive through most of it…) oh and the love interest but i’ll ignore that part because yeah i wasn’t a fan of it and his character was boring.

Overall, i enjoyed it and am glad i wasn’t left wanting to burn it in the end.


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