BoutofBooks Round 17 | Read-a-thon Wrap-Up!

So this wasn’t a terrible week for reading- especially considering it was my first read-a-thon – I managed to get 2 and a half books read ;(^ 0^)’

First book I read was Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell (I’ve written a review/ramble on this one in a previous post) I really enjoyed this book, it was sweet and charming in places. I think I do quite look forward to reading other books by Rainbow Rowell!

Second was the graphic novel Tokyo Ghoul Vol.2 by Sui Ishida. So far so good! I’m going to have to invest to get the other volumes in this series but I’m really liking where its going so far and the build up of the world and it’s characters has me intrigued and am willing to follow it through to the end.

Last but not least was the mystery novel Long Gone by Alafair Burke. I got a little over half-way in this one before the week was out. It’s a regular whodunit, predictable in many places but still interesting and I actually quite like the main protagonist. I’ll probably be finishing this one by the end of today or tomorrow!

I’m pretty proud of my turnout for this read-a-thon, especially cause this is usually how many books I tend to read in a month (but it helps that i no longer have to force myself to focus on the book and it’s words instead of living  in la-di-da land, why brain why?)


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