Prophecy of the Sisters (Book 1) | Review

3/5 stars

I’m going to make this as non-spoilery as possible and if i do mention something that could be considered a spoiler, I’ll you know before you keep reading.

As it stands, I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with the series. It’s by no means a BAD book, especially seeing as how i kept actually wanting to pick it up (and this is what frustrates me) because the story had so much potential. But i felt like we wasted so much time in this first book. It was really repetitive and I’m not sure how many times i took a trip with  the character to somebody’s home for tea and cookies, only to be told the same things and get absolutely nowhere new.

(It was quite literally almost 200 and some odd pages of tea and cookies in different places). And it was also quite predictable in terms of what characters were going to do/say. And i really really wish we got to see more from Alice. We were told over and over how dangerous/evil she was but there was very little evidence of that besides her being, at times, snarky and emitting a semi-creepy atmosphere.

Also, the whole thing with Henry – i felt anyway – was a waste. I hardly got to know him at all and therefore found it hard to care about him as a character, maybe something like that should have been saved for later.

And yet, I felt compelled to keep reading the damn book because if it was one thing I did actually enjoy, was Zink’s writing style. I really like the way she writes and made the book much more entertaining and easier to read for me. I also actually quite enjoyed the parts of the Otherworld and how astral projection seemed to work in this story, I think if done right, it’d make a great story all on it’s own.

But unfortunately, I’m not sure it was enough to get me to come back to this series….though maybe at some point down the line I’ll finish it.

(Really though, I read the synopsis for the other two books and it didn’t sound promising. I mean I really don’t want another 300pgs of tea and biscuits and talk of keys keys keys)


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