The Penelopiad | Review

2.5 stars

This was not what I was expecting. And let me just say that while I didn’t hate it, I definitely didn’t love it. 

It fell more in the ‘meh’ spectrum. 

I was actually quite disappointed after i read the first 30 pages and realized this was not at all going to be what i hoped it was. And i almost feel like the synopisis at the back was quite misleading. I also think though, that i went in with waaaay too much expectation, especially for a short book. 

I had really been hoping for an actual insight as to why Odysseus had hung Peneolpe’s maids. I had expected a more serious tone (or at least a less comical & snarky route) for the book. Not that the dark humour was particularly bad, I just hadn’t really been expecting the serenading of angry dead maids throughout. (tho i totally get their anger)

I actually quite liked Penelope as a character, i like that she grew and learned to hold her own while Odysseus was gone, a character whom i did not like. And didn’t really know, which is weird to say but he’s really mostly mentioned/talked about by other characters but only really IN the book for a few pages, i just found him to be a flaky character overall (also i hate that she was still pining over Odysseus in the afterlife) 

Oh! Which brings me to mention that the few bits where it shows what the afterlife was like was entertaining, tho sometimes a bit confusing/jarring cause having them talk about the modern times while still thinking about them in ancient times was a little weird haha 

I also didn’t quite like the way Helen was portrayed in this (suffice to say that i don’t think i liked any character besides Penelope in this book because really, redeeming qualities were lacking)

Overall this was just really an unsatisfying read and my least favourite book from Atwood to date.


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