UPDATE 101 & Review of AC:HappyHomeDesigner

Let me tell you how to update a blog.

Do it every 3 months. If you’re pro, every other year.

(I’m kidding. Those are terrible habits. I still question why I try to do this when I’m so bad at it but …you know. It’s me.)

So I failed to get into university because I don’t have the pre-requisites, blah blah blah. Long story short, I’m upgrading classes to get into uni. Why? Because apparently going to college once and obtaining a diploma I’ve never used and will probably never use isn’t enough. Gotta do it one more time and this time go big and do it right.

Fall into $25,000 debt is how it’s done for a degree I may or may not use but at least I’ll hopefully grow as an artist for $25K. If I don’t, don’t forgive me.

So anyway, Inktober starts tomorrow and I’m so ready materialistically and armed with semi-false optimism. (Realistically I’ll be lucky if I can hash out pieces for half the month) But I like to think I’ll make it the whole month because why not. It’s like my Goodreads challenge of 25 books per year (which pisses me off cause I used to read at least 80 books a year but these days I’m lucky if I can concentrate long enough to read a synopsis) and I’ve read a grand total of 3 books this year. THREE. I’m 11 books behind and 3 months till the end of the year.

And don’t talk to me about my Korean study habits because I’ve failed miserably at keeping any consistent habit and I’m legit afraid of getting back into it and seeing how much I’ve forgotten.

I know I need to change these habits if I hope to make it though university. I’m not even really sure why I’ve fallen into such a hazy-semi-depressive hole where things that I used to love doing suddenly take so much effort to do. I’ve been in a bit of a mood lately cause going back to school has made me realize how bad I’ve gotten and I don’t know where to start in organizing myself and my mind and just everything in general.

I also try really hard not to take out my frustrations on my poor boyfriend cause it’s not his fault and it isn’t fair to him to be miserable just because I’m being a twit about my life.

At least I have coffee. (And of course my boyfriend who makes me smile and laugh no matter how upset I am and I just love him to pieces.) Yes I’m gushing.

Anyway, that stupidly depressive rant is over.

On to more exciting things, let me briefly talk about Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. I recently purchased it about a week ago and I’ve played quite extensively on it so far though I haven’t finished building the main town yet.
Let me just start by saying that the first Animal Crossing game I’ve ever played was New Leaf and I loved it to bits. I still do. I love how interactive it is, how there’s so much to do and the work you have to get through just to unlock a feature gave me much motivation to play for hours on end.

Happy Home Designer is fun, interactive and extremely creative. Did you have in itch New Leaf to re-design a villagers home because their taste was so horrendous (rococo furniture and a random boxing ring with stone wallpaper anyone?) that you wanted to crawl around their home muttering “why why why”? Well this game will scratch that itch because you get full responsibility of every aspect of their home including the outside and YARD. Which is way cool cause that’s all stuff I wished I could do in New Leaf, including being able to design main street buildings.

I can play this game for hours because I love designing. In high school most of my art work consisted of painting Victorian furniture because I had an obsession with their intricate design on virtually everything from clothing to napkins to any piece of furniture imaginable and then some.

Unfortunately, that will not be the case for everybody. My younger sister is a fellow ACNL fan and pretty much knew from the get-go that the game wouldn’t be for her. She’d enjoy it for the first couple of days but would probably get bored really fast and stop playing for a good long while. This will probably hold true for many players, including hard-core long time AC fans. The cons of this game is that while you get creative freedom to the max, you’re restricted in other ways that we really enjoyed from previous games. We don’t get a home in HHD, we don’t get to explore the town and you don’t really have to work that hard for anything. You don’t even get any bells. Your clients are easily satisfied with whatever you do and I admit that I find that a little unfortunate.

I can play HHD for 5 hours straight, mostly right now because I have incentive to do so, like finishing off my main street facilities. But after that? It’s just villager after villager after that. I don’t mind right now, but even I will eventually get bored of doing that. I played ACNL for a year without ever getting bored because there were a lot of fun things to look forward to seasonal, and things to achieve around your town that are requested my villagers and just all these small things that I loved in the game. I STILL play ACNL even though I’m not as active as I used to be.

Now don’t get me wrong, HHD is still a lot of fun and I do really love it and the concept of it. I’m easily going to give it a 7/10 because of the details and freedoms given. I’m really hoping they carryover a lot of whats in HHD into any new AC game to come because it’ll make it 10x more entertaining than it already is.


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