shoddy blogger

so i haven’t been on here in about a year… or over a year…

I’m awful at these things. But i’m here again, watching my sister play splatoon as i’m typing this. I’m disgustingly behind on my Korean studies, they’ve basically been on the back burner since i moved here to B.C. –YAY for failure!– ~_~

Don’t get me wrong tho, I haven’t quit. I’ve been slowly reviewing some things, (hi korean grammar, so we meet again..>.>) and watching dramas more steadily again. -slacking is a terrible disease- on the up side, it’s nice to know I haven’t forgotten everything. I think i’m just gonna review some old notes and start with the book Korean Grammar in Use for beginners. It’s a heavily recommended book and has gotten great reviews by many Korean learners. I’ll review it myself when I’m finished with it^-^

Also, I was reminded that there are Korean books I really want to read and I can’t, so I found my incentive begin once again haha……sigh.

I’m on my second job here aaand also steadily working on my art, I draw pretty much almost everyday which is quite the feat I’ll say. (this blog is also going to be my sketch dump. maybe i’ll make like a language-sketch journal -> is that a thing??) anyway, it’s been quite the year but to much to tell and i’m too lazy to write it -.-‘

I’m also working on a reading challenge (4 books at the same time, i’m so pro….. -no not really, i’ve developed a terrible reading habit and i need to get off that train wreck..) Altho Ouroboros Cycle book series anyone?

Random doodles on Mischief courtesy of my bf lending me his tablet to try out (it’s a neat software. i’ve grown quite fond of it)




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