M.I.A – troll under a bridge is me

Soooooooooo, I’m in the middle of a move…. again… third time in a year. Hopefully its the charm everyone is always blabbing about. (But I gotta say, the way things are looking now… well… if all things wrong is something charming, then this is it.)

My Korean study adventure is on hold, being a vagabond is getting in the way. 

Plus it’s tourist season. Kelowna, BC really seems to hold true to the whole touristy high-time thing, nothings available anywhere, anyplace, anytime. They also seem to take their holidays seriously. (I don’t remember celebrating anything civic-y in Ontario or Quebec or Alberta. But maybe I just wasn’t paying attention? That’s pretty likely but I also found that people in Ontario just really don’t give a ***) 

Anyway, I probably sound like I’m not enjoying myself (which really, I’m jobless, homeless, hotel stay expires Saturday and everybody else is booked up….) otherwise, I’m totally enjoying myself.

No really, I am.

B.C. is beautiful, Kelowna is absolutely lovely, I grew up here for a while as a kid and a lot has really changed and expanded o.O and dude, the mountain views are FAAAABULOUUUSSSSS. 

Tourists or not, its hard not to love and be in some kind of awe – insert fishy face here – 

But it’s totally cramping my style man. 

That gypsy joke is on me.


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