M.I.A – troll under a bridge is me

Soooooooooo, I'm in the middle of a move.... again... third time in a year. Hopefully its the charm everyone is always blabbing about. (But I gotta say, the way things are looking now... well... if all things wrong is something charming, then this is it.)My Korean study adventure is on hold, being a vagabond is... Continue Reading →


Moving far far away

Its really just the next province over, thank god cause I can't do another "lets lug around 5 pieces of 100 pound luggages across the country haha" ㅠ.ㅠ I won't do it. I refuse. But anyway, I'm also internetless and wasting my data away on my phone, and I should be finishing up packing. Though... Continue Reading →

it’s really all about the 책

Seriously though, always. I am a book lover. A book worm. A born librarian who never became a librarian. I probably wrote the first goddamn book in a past life.That is how much I love books.So naturally - while learning Korean - I have discovered a new world in their literature. Which don't get the wrong idea, I... Continue Reading →

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