Korean poetry


This lovely book was recommended by a fellow blogger. Even though I’m just learning how to read (which btw the grammar I admit is a little dauntingly confusing, currently 이/가 makes me wanna bang my head on the wall…BUT I GOT THIS. No worries. Yet.) I asked for recommendations on novel type books in Korean and when she said poetry – magic words for me – I literally did not even hesitate to order it. I was so happy to get this book and I’ve read a few passages already and it’s killing me that I can’t read this in Korean because I know I’m MISSING OUT. But I’ll take it as new motivation and drive to keep ploughing through and I’ll read that damn thing even if I have to look up every single word.

Although, on that particular note, ot brings me to Hanja…. maybe I should learn basics after? Because some of the words in the book are in hanja (which made me groan frustration, but again, I GOT THIS.)


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