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so here’s the thing, I have never ever done anything like this. Blogging has never really interested me (even though I read a lot of them) but I’ve never really wanted to make one. Oh the effort… -i’m also lazy but that’s neither here nor there-

I do have a twitter account though, but realistically, it’s full of poignant statements (mostly of me ranting and raving about my shows, my job and uncategorized crap) It’s efficient enough that I didn’t -and still don’t- need an entire blog for it.

My decision to create this blog stems from:

a) for awhile I’ve had the urge to make a journal -> making an online blog is less tedious

b) i’m an avid reader -> i devour stories okay? i will read history books (ask me anything on Alexander the Great) and i read a lot of greek mythology and nordic folklore. so i need a place to organize my thoughts, new/exciting/recently devoured knowledge on useful -and useless things because nobody cares that Alexander had a sister or that the Borgias were a bunch of sociopaths– but i care so BAM.

c) i’ve actually grown a passion for the Korean language and great fascination for their culture. I’m not afraid to admit that it started out as vague interest because I watch a lot of k-drama’s and i wondered about how accurate the subs were (my mom watches spanish soap operas and i’ve seen a few that have eng-subs… it’s awful) never again. but anyway, as something that started out as a leisure-like-fun-little-hobby, turned into a full blown passion.

Best decision ever really.

so there it is. here i am. this blog is my new journal apparently.


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