I love self-presents

So I bought these awesome and adorable keyboard stickers on ebay. They have the hangul letters on them so I can practice typing -and just writing in general- so I can finally stop guessing which letters are where when I'm on memrise. I also debated getting just the plain white hangul letters but.... Can you... Continue Reading →


Korean poetry

This lovely book was recommended by a fellow blogger. Even though I'm just learning how to read (which btw the grammar I admit is a little dauntingly confusing, currently 이/가 makes me wanna bang my head on the wall...BUT I GOT THIS. No worries. Yet.) I asked for recommendations on novel type books in Korean... Continue Reading →

insert relevant title here

so here's the thing, I have never ever done anything like this. Blogging has never really interested me (even though I read a lot of them) but I've never really wanted to make one. Oh the effort... -i'm also lazy but that's neither here nor there- I do have a twitter account though, but realistically, it's full of poignant statements... Continue Reading →

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